Scott predominantly works with wood as my base medium, due to its strength, dimension and organic nature.  The inherent texture of wood combined with paint and other man-made materials allows him to explore the concepts of old and young, worn versus new, organic versus man-made and the past versus the present and future.  He looks to capture a sense of time in his work and often combine the feeling of different eras within a single piece.  He sees this as a direct parallel with human life, as we too grow older and interact with other generations, both younger and older.

  Scott Troxel’s pieces always take several weeks to finish as he constantly changes them, until they just feel right.  He really likes to give my pieces a feeling of juxtaposition and a balance of opposites, in terms of textures and materials.  For example, he will combine a recycled 60-year-old cherry table top with a piece of modern manufactured Azek decking.  The ideas of young/old, past and future, modern versus outdated, technology, nostalgia and futurism all seem to find a place in his work.  He also believes this ties into a distinctly human theme.  For example, you can pinpoint a person’s age by the technology they grew up with (Black and white TV, Rotary phone, landlines, etc.).